Liberal Hollywood Picked A Fight With Trump, Now He’s About To Make Some CUTS!

Liberal Hollywood Picked A Fight With Trump, Now He’s About To Make Some CUTS!

Hollywood has been attacking Donald Trump nonstop, all because they disagree with his politics. Meryl Streep even went so far as to interrupt an awards ceremony with a diatribe against him. Considering that Trump used to be a celebrity who was active in Hollywood himself, it’s truly baffling behavior — after all, no one minded Trump before. But the constant attacks on Trump from celebrities may just come back to bite them.


One of the things that Trump promised to do during his campaign was drastically cut government spending. He’s looking to cut $10.5 trillion over the next 10 years, to be precise. And this means that some departments will be reduced, if not eliminated entirely. First on the chopping block? The National Endowment for the Arts. That is one of the agencies that Trump is looking to get rid of altogether.

In 2016, $148 million was given to the NEA by the federal government. It’s a drop in the bucket when you’re looking at the bigger picture, but it’s certainly an example of wasteful government spending. And of course, it didn’t take long for celebrities to lose their minds over this latest proposal.

Hollywood stars attended a ball on Friday night, hosted by the Creative Coalition, of which actor Tim Daly is president. He called Trump’s move a “huge mistake.” The ball, which was billed as “the right to bear arts,” quickly turned into a more somber event as celebrities spoke out against the elimination of the NEA.

The truth is, the arts are important. But the problem is, liberals equate “important” with “must receive government funding.” And with a national debt that ballooned out of control under Barack Obama, some cuts will need to be made. It doesn’t mean that everyone will like it, but sometimes, unpleasant things have to be done. That’s reality.

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