Team Romney Slams Obama Over Hypocrisy Regarding False Ad

One thing that you should know about Team Romney: they pick and choose the time in how they respond to Obama attacks carefully. Sometimes it’s quick, sometimes not. The campaign is based on being the adults in the room dealing with the foul mouthed abusive 5 year olds, and is aimed at those who are undecided and can easily switch. They also realize that most people won’t really be paying attention till roughly late August/early September, unlike us political junkies

(Fox News) Mitt Romney’s campaign accused President Obama of “hypocrisy” Wednesday night after the president bemoaned the “crazy” behavior of super PACs — despite the mounting furor over a controversial ad put out by the super PAC cheerleading his own re-election effort.

The president complained about the outside political groups, which often have ties to the presidential campaigns themselves, during a Colorado campaign stop. “You got these guys writing $10 million checks. You got these super PACs that are just … going crazy,” Obama said.

A stunned Romney campaign swiftly excoriated the president for the comment, considering the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA is under fire for an ad that ties the death of a steelworker’s wife to Romney. Further, a top Obama campaign aide is now being accused of lying over what she knew about the man at the center of that ad.

“On the same day President Obama’s own campaign was caught lying about the contents of a discredited Super PAC attack ad, President Obama has the gall to warn voters of Super PACs ‘just going crazy,’” campaign spokesman Ryan Williams said. “It’s just the latest hypocrisy from the Obama campaign that is guilty of repeatedly spreading lies and distortions about Mitt Romney in a desperate attempt to distract voters from the president’s failed record.”

Many right side political junkies wanted Team Mitt to immediately slam the Obama campaign, denouncing the mule fritters smear commercial. Instead, Team Mitt bided its time, allowing the media and others to dig deep and tear apart the ad, exposing the reality. Then, they allowed Team Obama to dig themselves a deep hole with folks like Stephanie Cutter, exposing that the guy in the ad, Mr. Soptic, appeared in an Obama ad earlier, and was on a conference call with Team Obama. And he was wearing the same shirt in both ads. In what may be the exact same location.

Then, Team Mitt struck, as they were sure that Obama would make some sort of whiny pronouncement about Super Pacs and money in politics, and used that.

Could the Romney campaign do more? Sure, but, remember, they aren’t going to get that much press from most of the media who are in the bag for Obama, and while Obama is spending enormous amounts of cash now, Mitt will have more for the last 2 months+ when the election is made. Unless Romney pulls a major gaffe like John McCain’s “I’m going to suspend my campaign”, Don’t Panic.

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