Politicized Obama DOJ Creating Position To Protect Whistleblowers From DOJ

Only in the Obama administration is a whistleblower position needed to protect whistleblowers from the Department of Justice

(Fox News) The Justice Department’s inspector general has created a new position to help protect department whistleblowers and educate staff about them — a move that comes in the wake of Operation Fast and Furious.

The “Whistleblower Ombudsman” is believed to be one of the first such positions in the federal government, and its announcement comes one day after a whistleblower in the “Furious” scandal reached an agreement with the U.S. government over claims of retaliation against him.

The Whistleblower Ombudsman will focus on training department employees about how colleagues who come forward improve “the effectiveness and efficiency” of the department, and educating department employees about legal protections for whistleblowers and the possible repercussions of retaliation against them, a press release said. The ombudsman will also be responsible for monitoring investigations of alleged retaliation.

Wait, wait…..the Department of Justice needs someone to educate personnel about not retaliating against whistleblowers based on laws already on the books? Do people working for the top law enforcement agency in the country no already know that it is illegal to retaliate against whistleblowers? I’m sure the lower levels are aware of the law, so, I’d hope that this person will spend time explaining it to the upper levels, particularly the appointed political positions, which is were most retaliation derives.

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