Top 20+ Reasons I Despise Obama, A Retrospective

The blind loyalty of many democrats, and nearly all progressives, as evidenced by the numbers of those currently defending Obama in the midst of his scandalpalousa got me thinking about how much I truly despise him for reasons I can easily point to, and can back with actual evidence. What follows is a blog post I wrote back on August 6, 2012, long before I began writing here for Joe.

Since then, absolutely nothing has happened to change my mind. In fact, everything that has occurred since I wrote this has only reinforced my belief that Barack Obama is probably The Worst President this country has ever seen, and is by leaps and bounds, absolutely the worst president to ever win a reelection. If I were writing this list now, I would have a few other major topics to include:: Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, EPA

I have seen numerous lists of “accomplishments” that Obama has been credited with while in office, varying from 10-200+ “accomplishments”. As an educated, semi-intelligent person, I have tried to review those lists with an open mind, even though at the outset I know I will disagree with the conclusion drawn by the author. Some of their assertions, while few, I concede may have some merit. However, many of those lists, especially the higher numbered lists, include the same item listed as high as 20 times, just worded differently. Many other things cited on those high numbered lists are not actually accomplishments, but “He worked toward (fill in the blank)” statements, which means tried but did not succeed. All of these lists that I have seen have one thing in common, statements made by the author, but no offer of substance to back those claims.

Here is my list of the top reasons I DESPISE Obama, with links to just a few sources which I offer as evidence supporting my statement.

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1. He is a socialist and espouses socialist ideals -: -: -: -: Note: the other guy in this video looks somewhat familiar…

2. He has weakened our national defense -: -: -:

3. He has no respect for the men and women of the military and has cut, or tried to cut the pay and benfits -:, -:, -:

4. He spends OUR money frivolously and irresponsibly Update:: this was never more apparent than during the Sequester debates while Obama vacationed, repeatedly -: -:

5. He is using his position to try and protect Eric Holder in the Fast and Furious debacle which has resulted in countless murders, including that of one Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry -: -:

6. He is exacerbating racial tensions, not curing them as he promised -: -:

7. He has no respect for the laws of this country and has said he will not allow enforcement of certain laws -: -:

8. He has no respect for the Constitution of the United States -: (original article is a dead link now) -:

9. He is promoting class envy -: -: -:

10. His bailouts have been utter failures and scams (and wasted billions of tax payer dollars) -: -:

11. He gave billions of dollars to companies that either failed or sent the money overseas Update:: even more of these companies have failed since originally writing this -: -:

12. He apologizes when he should be expressing outrage Update:: he has since apologized to Muslims in regards to Benghazi, extensively, including paid advertising on middle east television stations – Apologizes to Afghanistan for US Soldiers Burning CONTRABAND

13. Obamacare (socialized medicine) Update:: This has gotten far worse and more expensive since I originally wrote this – Cost $2.6 trillion: – Individual Mandate: – If someone cannot currently afford health insurance, and insurance rates are actually rising because of Obamacare, how is that person now supposed to afford health insurance? If they cannot afford that, how are they going to pay the penalty (new tax)?: – Socialized medicine less effective than free market:

14. He is an unapologetic (unearned) glory hound – Continually takes credit for killing Bin Laden instead of giving credit where credit is truly due, the US military intelligence people who located him and the SEALs that ACTUALLY eliminated him – Finally allowed the operation that killed Bin Laden to proceed after cancelling it 3 separate times:

15. His Stimulus Plan, heralded as a success by liberals, is actually a failure as noted in this article from March 2012: (And currently the unemployment rate, according to the jobs report from 8-3-12, is back to 8.3%, and that does not include the millions of people who have completely given up looking for jobs. It also shows far more people leaving the workforce than jobs that were created, which were created during the summer and likely include seasonal jobs)

16. Pushes higher, unsustainable demand for electricity Update:: This too has become worse by the closure of even more power plants -: Pushing for significantly more electric cars: – While systematically reducing the country’s ability to produce electricity

17. Constantly enlarging and pushing for ever more powerful federal government (do I even need to provide sources for this?)

18. Constantly granting himself and the federal government unconstitutional powers -: -:

19. He is a narcissist -: -: -: (another dead link)

20. He spends more time playing (golf) than I do, and his job is FAR more important than mine. Update:: this number is FAR higher now – As of June 18th, 100 rounds of golf since taking office

21. He is against American’s Second Amendment rights (he is anti-gun, pro gun control) Update:: need I mention his post-Newtown full scale assault on the Second Amendment? -: -:

22. Did I mention he is a narcissistic, egomaniacal socialist who uses racial tensions and class envy to get people to back his move for an ever-enlarging, overpowering federal government?


This article was used with the permission of Joe For America.

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