Democrat Joe Garcia’s Chief of Staff & Former Campaign Manager Are BOTH Caught Up In HUGE VOTER FRAUD Scheme

Democrat Joe Garcia’s Chief of Staff & Former Campaign Manager Are BOTH Caught Up In HUGE VOTER FRAUD Scheme

Wait, haven’t Democrats assured us again and again that this sort of thing NEVER, EVER, EVER happens so we don’t need to take any sort of precautions to make sure our elections are honest.

Joe Garcia

Congressman Joe Garcia moved quickly to contain the fallout of an election-fraud scandal that rocked his office, but said Monday he’s not going to fire a key staffer implicated in the case.

Garcia, a Miami Democrat, said Communications Director Giancarlo Sopo told him he was not involved in a plot last year to submit hundreds of fraudulent absentee-ballot requests – though investigators with the Miami-Dade state attorney’s office searched the home of one of Sopo’s relatives Friday in connection with the attempt to manipulate the Aug. 14 primary.

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Sopo was placed on unpaid administrative leave late Monday.

…Garcia dismissed Jeffrey Garcia, his chief of staff and longtime political advisor, Friday after law enforcement raided the family homes of Sopo and former campaign manager John Estes seeking computers and other electronic equipment. Jeffrey Garcia, who is not related to his boss, admitted to the congressman that he directed the campaign to submit the phantom ballot requests, Joe Garcia said.

…“Congressman Garcia needs to stop with the slippery double talk and finally explain why he is allowing one of his top staffers to remain on his taxpayer-funded salary while being investigated for breaking the law,” Katie Prill, a spokeswoman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, said in a statement Monday.

So, the Chief of Staff and a former campaign manager of a member of Congress are up to their eyeballs in a huge absentee voter fraud scheme — but, we don’t need voter ID because we can just trust everyone to be honest.

Now here’s the real question: Since voter fraud is so hard to detect, how many people have gotten away with it?

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