The TRUTH About Obama’s Muslim Refugees That the Media Won’t Tell You

The TRUTH About Obama’s Muslim Refugees That the Media Won’t Tell You

If you had any doubts that the Obama administration is favoring Middle Eastern Muslims over Middle Eastern Christians, we’re here to put those reservations to rest.

Because you’re absolutely right and we have evidence.


From Dennis Michael Lynch:

Out of the 63,000 refugees brought into the U.S. this fiscal year (beginning Oct. 1, 2015), the largest group are Muslims, says a new report from the Pew Research Center.

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For the past four years, the number of Muslim refugees brought to the U.S. has exceeded 25,000 annually, and this year is the highest yet, at 28,957.  

This fiscal year is not over yet, but so far, the Pew report reveals escalating numbers:

28,957 – Muslim

27,556 – Christian

2,500 – Buddhist

1,500 – Hindu

338 – Atheists or No Religious Affiliation

The Obama administration had set a ceiling of 85,000 refugees to be admitted for this fiscal year, which will end Oct. 1.   So far, more than 63,000 have been admitted.


Christians are being literally marked for death in the Middle East and we’re making it so that we’re bringing in a flood of Muslims, who ISIS has admitted to infiltrating.

If it seems conspiratorial, that would be because it is.

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