WOW! SICK Video EXPOSES Black Lives Matter And Liberal’s FAKE Agenda About Cops!

WOW! SICK Video EXPOSES Black Lives Matter And Liberal’s FAKE Agenda About Cops!

I might be in love, y’all. Seriously, this is the most common-sense I’ve seen in a long time and boy is it refreshing.

A young black man took Black Lives Matter to task for their hypocrisy over black on black crime. This video is definitely share-worthy.


From Freedom Daily:

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A video released online shows a young African American man castigating the black lives matter movement in an amazing monologue. He can be heard saying,

I’m gonna tell you this right here. This right here goes out to the people who support Black Lives Matter. Until I start seeing y’all protesting black on black crime that goes on in our neighborhood, shut the fuck up goin’ around sayin’ black lives matter. Shut the fuck up with that shit. All lives matter, that black man who killed the white police officer, that man’s life mattered.”

Then after he finishes the video pans to instances where people of prominence have spoken out about the racial tensions. Pictures of a bloodied car are shown with a dead body covered on the ground. Then protesters are shown via video protesting and rioting police.

Some protesters scream, “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon.” Which is a clear reference to police officers. Their is dramatic music in the background as police scenes are shown with yellow tape and suspect being apprehended.

Video surveillance rolls of police officers being apprehended and suspects turning their fire arms on officers. Another surveillance video shows a man going straight to the window of police car and ambushing a police officer with bullets. More and more videos show police officers being ambushed and hijacked and targeted.

Watch the video below: [GRAPHIC LANGUAGE WARNING]

This young man is absolutely right. While his fellow black Americans will hate him, call him derogatory names and claim his opinion doesn’t matter because “he’s trying to be white” or some other stupid thing.

That being said, I stand behind him 100%.

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