VIDEO: Obama becomes a Stuttering Stanley as Muslim reveals its a Transgender

Just so messed up. A Muslim Pakistani woman came out as a “non-binary person” during an Obama speech in the UK this week. That means she is transgender – I think. She was very emotional during the talk and said she was terrified. I bet. What she is doing and just did is a death sentence in Islam. They tend to hang, stone and throw gays off buildings in the Middle East. Obama was condescending. He told her “that’s not THAT crazy!” when she was speaking to him. What a putz. This is a very confused person seeking attention and she will probably get it in ways she really doesn’t want.


From The RightScoop:

A woman of Muslim Pakistani descent came out as a “non-binary person” during a question to Barack Obama in England. It got very emotional.

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Obama was a little denigrating of the woman, saying, “that’s not THAT crazy!” when she had said what she was doing was “terrifying” to her. Still, she says she was an LGBT worker for nine months, so I doubt it’s much of a surprise to her colleagues, friends and family…

Obama seemed caught off guard and was stuttering. All of this is theater and just trite. This Progressive/Marxist-speak is confusing and stupid. Obama is a massive embarrassment to America. There’s not a freak or a radical this man doesn’t love. This is just wrong on numerous fronts and offensive. If this is ‘change’, Obama can stuff it. The world has gone mad with people all over the place not knowing what sex they are despite physical proof. And then there are those pushing that madness along with immorality. Obama is spreading perversion everywhere he goes… he’s a deviant pied piper.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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