Washington Post Reminds Obama That He Actually Needs Ideas To Win

This comes on the heels of the horrible economic news from Friday, which of course is surely Someone Else’s fault (sic)

(Washington Post) Friday’s dismal jobs report and some unexpected words from Bill Clinton delivered a bracing reminder to President Obama and his advisers that the election remains primarily a referendum on his record and that their path to victory may lie less in trying to discredit Republican Mitt Romney and more in winning a battle of ideas with their Republican rival.

What, exactly, are Obama’s ideas? What is his agenda for a 2nd term? If you head to his campaign website and peruse the issues section, it is primarily focused on what he has (supposedly) done. About the only thing he says he wants to do is funnel more taxpayer money to campaign donors who own “green” energy companies and put Americans to work doing menial jobs like filling potholes.

In fact, a good chuck of his website seems aimed at attacking Mitt Romney. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, this is politics, but one would think Obama would have a response as to what he would do different than Mitt. Oh, and a lot more of the “news” at Obama’s website is about “just get out and vote. No, you don’t need to have an idea what you’re voting for, just vote for Obama.”

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The president’s campaign has appeared wedded to a strategy of trying to discredit Romney. That began with attacks on his role at Bain Capital, the private equity firm where he made his fortune. Obama’s advisers believe it will have the desired effect on voters, but so far there is very little evidence that attacks on Bain are changing minds. Current polls continue to be extremely close.

It’s not surprising that Team Obama wants to focus on Romney: the Obama record is pitiful. They really have no new ideas to deal with the #1 issue, the economy. They can blame Bush and Republicans all they want, but it is a meme that loses steam when one asks the question “OK, let’s assume it was all Bush’s Fault. You’ve had over 3 1/2 years to do something. You had full control of Congress for the first two. What have your policies done to fix the issues you say someone else created?”

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