UK Guardian: Only 100 Months Left To Save The World

The Guardian has been running a series for a bit called 100 months left to save the world. Yesterday they ran an article about Rio+20: don’t wait for disappointment from the bureaucrats, which is a hoot

In three weeks the 20th anniversary conference of the Earth Summit will take place in Rio, Brazil. Once again, most of us will feel like spectators to the biggest debate about life on earth: whether or not to maintain convivial environmental conditions for human civilisation.

Because a few degrees F will mean we’re dooooooooomed. Or not. It’s funny how Homo Sapiens have adapted to a myriad of changing climatic conditions throughout our millions of years of history. We’ve dealt with a massive glacial period. We’ve dealt with the climate flipping back and forth between cool and hotter than today since the end of the last glacial period. Humans live all around the globe in many different types of climates from really hot to really cold, from deserts to super wet. If Warmists were really concerned, they might decide to hold an on-line conference instead of taking unnecessary fossil fueled flights to yet another exotic vacation spot.

What can we do, nothing? No, our actions are limited only by our imagination. If you want to know how different the future can be, just look to the past and compare it to the present. We can, for example, remove the legal privileges that put the interests of finance above all else. We can completely redesign how we move around, like the city of Ghent did, making cars mere guests on streets.

Food, energy, homes, trade can all be re-imagined and better ways found. The point is to start, and many people are. The global range of initiatives beginning the transition to a new economy is impressive.

What can you do? Practice what you preach. Stop waiting for legislation that forces Everyone Else to live the life. Of course, what we’ve seen since the passage of the Kyoto Protocol is a failure of most signatories to fulfill their obligations to actually reducing CO2 output, despite economy killing measures. A comment found by Tom Nelson at the story provides exactly the way things have worked

Trouble for you is, if anything, people generally are moving away from the fear of CO2 driven man-made catastrophe.

Kyoto – dead
Copenhagen – disaster
Durban – washout
Rio+20 – good party – CO2 to be sidelined in favour of “sustainability”
GB – greenest government ever? Think not!
Australia – entire population harboring homicidal ideas for green
Canada – no intention of signing emission treaties, ditched Kyoto
India – not going to reduce emissions
Japan – no intention of signing emission treaties
Russia – no intention of signing emission treaties
China – not going to reduce emissions
UEA hacking – Police not looking for anyone
CO2 – Increasing, Temperatures not
MWP – was global
GWPF – donor outed, nothing to do with big-oil
Jones – damaged, quiet.
Hansen – laughing stock
Mann – bricking it
Gleick – bricking it
Lovelock – I was wrong about global warming
Survey – intelligent people are climate skeptics

Your main problem is the dwindling of numbers of believers, I would say.

That, and the other main problem is that anthropogenic global warming was seized upon by the extreme left as a means of putting more taxpayer money and more control of people (fascism) in the hands of government. And like most leftist movements, it’s always about going after Someone Else, not the individuals who push the notion.

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