What It Means That So Many Don’t Believe Obama Loves America

Rudy Giuliani invited an attack by a swarm of hornets by opining that Barack Obama does not love America. Engaged patriots responded to Rudy’s allegation with two words: “No kidding.” No one familiar with his background or his policies would be likely to think Obama has a fond regard for the country he promised to fundamentally transform. But liberals, many of whom were consciously or unconsciously motivated to vote for him by the anti-Americanism he personifies, can always counter that we have no way of knowing for sure what is in someone’s heart.

While that may be true, we do know what is in our own hearts. Sometimes that is reflected by polls. According to YouGov, only 47% of Americans think Obama loves America.

Although YouGov spins this as a repudiation of Rudy, the figure is absolutely appalling. To suggest that the President of the United States does not love the country would have been unthinkable prior to Obama. No other president would have scored more than a few points below 100%.

Yet despite an establishment media that hyped him into power and continues to aggressively spin in his favor, and despite 85% of Democrats dutifully believing or pretending that he does love the country, Barack Obama is seen as meaning the country well by a minority of the population.

This implies that on the whole we no longer see the federal government as representative, but rather as being hostile to our heritage and to us. The political instability this will inevitably cause may be Obama’s main legacy.


On a tip from Jester. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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