MOM’s OUTRAGE: School Asst. Principle colored in her son’s haircut with a sharpie without permission! [Video]

If that were my son, I’d be furious. There’s nothing wrong with that haircut. It’s actually clean cut – can’t have that. Are you telling me a ‘comb over’ style is now gang couture? Spare me. There is absolutely no excuse for this. If I were that mom, I’d be getting hold of a lawyer. How dare an assistant principal take a marker and color in a part or shaved part on that boy’s head! Unbelievable. Not to mention the dress code is not explicit anyway. This kid looks about as much like a gang banger as Biden does a genius. They should fire that assistant principle and apologize to that boy and his mother, before they get their drooping pants sued off.

From ABC 7 Chicago:


A Texas mother wants to know why the assistant principal of her son’s school drew on the boy’s head with a marker, KCBD-TV reports.

The mom claims the school believed her son had a “gang-related” haircut.

Monica Esquivel is upset and wants the school administrators to apologize to her son Kobi.

She says that administrators told her that this type of haircut could be considered gang-related. But Esquivel said she does not raise her son to portray that type of image.

“My son is not in a gang, he’s not trying to be in a gang. I mean, he dresses in khakis, a shirt, not in loose pants or nothing, just real nice and casual, not representing a gang or anything,” she said.

The Plainview, Texas, school district’s executive director for administrative services, Greg Brown, did not deny that the incident happened, but says he cannot comment due to confidentiality. But he did release a statement saying that the dress code, “prohibits designs shaved into the scalp, and this includes lines.”

A copy of the student handbook outlines that no designs are permitted, but it also states it’s not an all-inclusive list. Esquivel says that she has repeatedly told the school’s administration and strongly believes that Kobi’s haircut does comply with the dress code.

“And when I got copies of the dress code, on there it says, designs shaved through the head, but I said it’s not a design, it’s the haircut. The style that’s coming out is the comb over,” Esquivel said.

The dress code, Esquivel says, should be updated.

“They’re expecting, you know, the kids, they get distracted on stuff, but it’s starting to become where everything is a distraction to them,” she said.

Don’t they get they violated the kid’s rights? And don’t give me that confidentiality bull crap. They’re deflecting and dodging. They know what they did was egregious and fascist and now don’t know how to walk it back without copping to liability. They could have called his mom first and should have. I’d yank my son out of that school so fast, their heads would spin. It would be all over the news and social media. And after speaking to the school administrators, the mom says that Kobi will be given time to grow out his hair and he won’t have to endure any more markers. How big of them. Sue them now.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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