Whiny President Has Temerity To Say Republicans Are Out Of Touch

Is anyone truly shocked that a man who never held a job where he had to lead people is incapable of understanding the old axiom that one catches more flies with coffee (it’s morning, and I don’t like honey) than vinegar? Captain Campaigner held another taxpayer funded campaign stop, and

On payroll tax cut, Obama says Republicans are out of touch

Angling to salvage the core provisions of his jobs package, President Obama used a stop in this politically crucial blue-collar town Wednesday to step up his campaign to paint Republicans as out of touch with the needs of ordinary Americans.

Speaking to about 1,000 cheering supporters, Obama urged voters to pressure Congress to extend a payroll tax break that is set to expire Dec. 31. If the break lapses, the result will be a 2 percent cut in take-home pay for virtually every American worker.

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“What’s it going to be? . . . I hope members of Congress think hard about this, because their actions lately don’t reflect who we are as a people,” Obama said. “What does it say about us if we’re willing to cut taxes for the people who don’t need them, and raise them on folks who do need a tax break? We are better than that. America is better than that.”

Said tax break didn’t stimulate the economy over the past few years: what makes him think it will work differently this time? Of course, the point is simply to bribe middle class voters, especially the white working class voters he lost in 2008, thanks to issues such as calling them “bitter clingers” and being politically left of Stalin.

People often say Obama leads from behind, and, while that may be true for international affairs, when it comes to domestic politics, it is more like abusing from the campaign stump. Rather than talk to the members of Congress, including Republicans, some how this PINO (president in name only) thinks that abusing the opposing party will get them to do what he wants. Most real leaders understand how to Get Things Done without being abusive. They cajole, they implore, they show positive leadership and bring people to their side.

And what do these constant attacks on Republicans do? They further make sure that many of the Republicans who crossed over and voted for Mr. Hopey Changey will not vote for him in 2012. So, based on that, perhaps Obama should keep up the attacks. Better for Republicans. But, it highlights that the only thing Obama is qualified to do is campaign, since he has no idea what he is doing as president, and has apparently learned little in his almost three years in the White House.

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