As Living In Their Own Filth Fades, Occupy Turns To Specifics

Now that so many liberal mayors in liberal cities have kicked the liberals out of the parks, at least in terms of sleeping overnight in tents, Occupy is supposedly getting specific, according to ABC News

For more than two months, they were open-air communes where people came to rebuild society and start a nationwide discussion on how to close the wide gap between the rich and the poor. But as Occupy Wall Street tent cities fade away, a growing number of protesters are pushing to put a clear message ahead of the movement.

Now imagine how that loving paragraph would have been written by the AP’s Amy Westfeldt had it been about the Tea Party.

Alan Collinge has his list ready – return bankruptcy protection to student loans. Bring back regulations that were removed from the Glass-Steagall Act. End corporate personhood.

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“They should come up with a short term list of no brainer agenda items,” said Collinge, wearing a huge sign in the rain at New York’s Zuccotti Park calling for student loan reforms.

The problem with that is that the movement is simply an amalgam of lefties with different gripes, from “someone needs to give me free money” to “legalize crack!” The only thing they have in common is that they enjoyed squatting in their own filth. And sexual assault. Well, not everyone enjoyed that.

Asking Occupy protesters what, exactly, they would do to reform government and the financial system is a loaded question and a source of internal conflict. Collinge, 41, of Tacoma, Wash., said he has unsuccessfully lobbied Occupy’s general assembly meetings in New York to develop a strong platform, but has been rebuffed.

Notice that first sentence and the way Ms. Westfeldt blows right by it: Occupiers have no specifics on how to get their ideas through. After two months of living in filth, they failed to create any sort of policy plans to get their gripes into legislation, and are left only with memories of living in urine and feces in tents made by Big Corporations. And sexual assault.

Other cities’ movements have held meetings of committees with titles like “cohesive messaging” to discuss strategy, but haven’t agreed on listing specifics as a movement. The greater purpose isn’t to influence the government or the financial system through classic demands, but to foster broad cultural changes that will gradually empower people to stop depending on big corporations and Wall Street money.

So, the same old “spreading awareness” crap? And people are supposed to listen to people who slept in their own filth and told other Occupiers to not report sexual assault to the authorities?

A number have called for limiting campaign donations and getting big money out of politics. Some Occupy members want to limit the amount of money a person is allowed to give a politician. Others want to ban corporate donations specifically, or the number of campaign ads.

Well, that would seriously hurt Democrats, who get a lot of money from corporations and Big Money individuals. Hence the reason some Occupiers protested an Obama fundraising event in NYC. They never seem to understand that the problem is not those who donate and seek redress of grievance, as allowed by the Constitution, but the politicians of all Parties who take the money.

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