Bern-Stock: Commie Hippies Infest Philly Park in Name of Bernie Sanders

The hippies are back, smelly and useless as ever, summoned out from under their rocks by the communist promises of Bernie Sanders. They have gathered in Philadelphia, and for now they are not going away:

Sleeping four to a tent, strumming guitars and waving Bernie Sanders posters made from ripped up cardboard, this is the sprawling tent village that is testing Philadelphia’s patience.

Camping is banned in the city’s recreational spaces but officials have so far tolerated the throngs of demonstrators who have made Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park their home throughout the Democratic National Convention.

City sources say they hope the illegal camp will simply fizzle as the baking temperatures and intermittent thunder storms prove too much for the ramshackle community dubbed ‘Bern-stock’.

In the meantime, the moonbats have achieved their grungy, purposeless conception of utopia, thanks to overindulgent local government.

Several hundred yards away Sanders supporters and an array of left-wing protest groups keep up their baying hostility towards a line of delegates shuffling in and out of the Wells Fargo Center behind banks of police and 8ft steel fencing.

But in FDR Park the mood is altogether more chilled, with semi-naked activists lounging on mats and makeshift hammocks.

The campers have a row of portable toilets and a free supply of bottled water courtesy of the City.

That is, courtesy of Philadelphia taxpayers, who are too busy generating wealth for the government to confiscate to lay around in the park.

There is also food, milk and lentil stew on hand, courtesy of a non-profit pop up stall that encourages donations and urges the community to share and pool resources.

Activists can be seen passing around cigarettes and sunscreen as they sway to a backdrop of Beatles songs and folk music.

Chances are good that tobacco is not a major ingredient in the cigarettes.

Technically the few hundred or so residents in tie-dye, beads and cut-up t-shirts, are gathered illegally.

City rules state that overnight camping is not permitted in any parks in the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation system.

Those caught doing so can be issued with Code Violation Notices and fines of up to $300 by Park Rangers and Police.

But just try wringing money out of a hippie.

Meanwhile, those of us who are not derelict moonbats or Democrat presidential candidates are expected to obey the law.

Hippie commies Feeling the Bern.

On a tip from J. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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