Sanders Supporters Hold Wiccan Ritual in Portland

If you think you can withstand the highest conceivable concentration of moonbattery, try visiting a Wiccan ritual in support of Bernie Sanders in Portland, Oregon:

Attending a rally for Bernie Sanders usually involves long lines and security screenings, but that wasn’t the case at an intimate, informal event Friday evening supporting the Vermont senator’s presidential campaign in a park [in Portland].

Instead of metal detectors, entrance required burning ceremonial sweetgrass.

Participants were “smudged,” meaning the smoke from the sweetgrass was wafted over them before they could enter the sacred circle and begin a Wiccan ritual to support Sanders ahead of Oregon’s primary on Tuesday.

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“Welcome to the ‘Feeling the Bern ritual,’” Leigha Lafleur, 41, told the gathering as she prepared to lead them in the “amplification of positive energy of Bernie Sanders and the progressive movement.”…

She advertised the event on a Sanders volunteer website, calling on Wiccans, pagans, goddess worshipers, atheists or anyone who is spiritually open-minded to “engage with a community of like minded individuals.” …

They gathered around a small rug with four candles, flowers and an imitation ballot box adorned with Bernie stickers. Each person was handed a replica ballot and took turns declaring what they would like to see changed — ending private prisons, bringing back Glass-Steagal financial regulations, labeling genetically modified foods and increasing access to college.

It’s safe to say that no one prayed to Bernie to get Big Government off their backs.

Then they circled the candles together, chanting “be the Bern, be the Bern, be the Bern,” a campaign slogan.

Imagine millions of these creatures, glassy-eyed, mindless, shuffling forward, reaching toward you with trembling fingers, insatiably greedy, driven by an idiot instinct to seize everything you’ve worked for. “Be the Bern,” they chant. “Be the Bern.” If only it were just a horror movie and not real.

Moonbats worshipping a crazy old communist.

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