America’s Favorite Sheriff Showed Up In D.C. On A Mission To EXPOSE A Massive Lie!

America’s Favorite Sheriff Showed Up In D.C. On A Mission To EXPOSE A Massive Lie!

Sheriff Clarke is a man of principle and doesn’t hold back when he sees something that is just wrong. He told a press conference on Capitol Hill that the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act is fueled by blatant bipartisan lies. It contains what he calls the ‘three lies of criminal justice reform’. The first lie he debunked was that it would only contain low-level offenders. Too many are included for that to be true. Lie number two is that it will reduce crime. It will do the exact opposite. Then he took exception with the label “low-level drug offenders.” I’m not sure there is any such thing and neither is Sheriff Clarke.

Sheriff Clarke

From Breitbart:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke said at a Capitol Hill press conference Wednesday that a series of “lies” fueled the bipartisan effort pushing the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act.

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“This bill was premised and crafted on what I call three lies, the three lies of criminal justice reform,” he said.

“Lie number one: ‘It will only involve low-level offenders.’ First of all, we know that’s not true. If this truly did involve only low-level drug offenders, we wouldn’t put a dent in the federal prison population.” Clarke went on:

Lie number two: That it will reduce crime. We look at Prop 47 in California, a similar plan to empty the jails and prisons in California in favor of this crazy idea of programming. In its time that Prop 47 was passed, in the ten largest cities in California, violent crime has gone up 12.9 percent. And in that time, property crime has gone up in nine of the ten largest cities in California, ten percent. You want to know what this is going to look like three, four, five years down the road? There’s your snapshot. And there’s a lag time in this.

Lie number three: It will reduce incarceration costs. It won’t… because the same offenders will keep coming back. Until we privatize all of the prison systems, costs will never decrease. That’s the nature of the beast. Debunking the ‘low-level’ meme, Clarke had this to say: “‘Low-level’? Much of the violent crime we’re talking about — armed robberies, burglaries, drive-by shootings — are the result of drug war disputes. So forget about the thought of this ‘low-level drug offender,’” he added. And once again, Sheriff Clarke is right on all counts. This emptying of the prisons is to pad the voter rolls. It’s also to cause chaos in the streets and allow hardened criminals to have their way freely out there. It is an evil endeavor and I can’t believe that Christians and Libertarians are falling for this ruse. This bill will result in a huge jump in the crime rate and it puts all of us at risk. Shame on those backing it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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