BLM Leader Robbed at Gun Point, Says They Deserve MORE Police Protection [VIDEO]

BLM Leader Robbed at Gun Point, Says They Deserve MORE Police Protection [VIDEO]


One of the central tenets of the Black Lives Matter movement is their hatred of police. According to them, police officers are a bunch of racists who hate black people and are patrolling the streets, looking for innocent black men to murder just for kicks. Of course, the reality is, the vast majority of police officers are good people who just want to serve their community and keep innocent people safe. And clearly, the BLM movement knows this, because when they’re in trouble, they immediately go running to police. Just ask Jerry Ford, Jr., who was the victim of an armed robbery — and is now demanding more police protection.

Ford is a graduate student at the University of Houston and he lives off campus. When he was walking back to his apartment last week, he noticed a strange person standing near his front door. “The guy was standing right here just seemed like he was hanging out. I told him wassup. He asked me did I have a key to get in. I told him yeah, I’m about to go upstairs,” Ford explained. “I reach in right here to open the door and I turn back around and he has the gun right there in my face.” The robber got away with Ford’s wallet and cell phone.


Ford was mugged by another black man and promptly demanded better police protection on campus. “It’s becoming a pattern. I hope they would take a bigger stance and put more security over here because you have a lot of people walking back and forth to class,” he said. Yet strangely, he has sympathy for the man who robbed him… and thinks that they should have just been able to talk out their differences. No, really:

“I would’ve gave him money. I would’ve talked to him because the real crime is why is he in that position that he feels the need to come and hang out at a college campus and rob people of stuff they worked for,” said Ford.

Of course, Ford isn’t just a random college student. He’s a liberal Democrat who is one of the leaders of Houston’s Black Lives Matter groups. He’s participated in anti-police demonstrations, palled around with the New Black Panthers, and accused police of murder. Yet as soon as he’s in trouble, he wants the police to be there to protect him. And they will, every time. Maybe Ford should stop and think about that.

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