BREAKING: RIGHT NOW, 235,000 Islamic People Head to Italy, For One Terrifying Reason!

BREAKING: RIGHT NOW, 235,000 Islamic People Head to Italy, For One Terrifying Reason!


Right now, at this very moment, over 200,000 Muslims are heading to Italy, leading some to worry that there may be a de facto Islamic invasion of Rome. It’s a goal that Muslims have had since Islam was founded.

Martin Kobler, head of a United Nations peacekeeping mission working in Libya, said, “We have on our lists 235,000 migrants who are just waiting for a good opportunity to depart for Italy, and they will do it.” According to Kobler, there is only one way to stop the Islamic migration into Italy: defeat ISIS and stabilize Libya for good. “Very soon, Isil will no longer have control over territory in Libya,” Kohler said. He continued, “This is quite encouraging and could give hope to the country. At the same time, however, we need to stay vigilant, because terrorism is not finished and Isil’s militants will try to disperse to other regions.”


Already, 128,000 migrants have made their way to Italy, straining Italy’s resources to accommodate them. Germany is the country that has opened the doors to this madness and now, Europe is facing a tidal wave of crime, sexual assault, rape and terrorism. Germany especially has been dealing with creeping Sharia, as they’re encouraging women to wear hijabs and submit to Islamic preferences in order to avoid being raped.

Germany appears to have given up on integrating the millions of Muslim migrants pouring into the country and is instead encouraging German citizens to submit to Islam.

A television ad currently airing in Germany invites blonde-haired, blue-eyed women to embrace “tolerance” by wearing the Muslim hijab headdress.

The commercial begins with the text “Turkish women wear the hijab,” as a veiled woman is seen with her back to the camera.

However, when she turns around it immediately becomes clear that the woman is a white, blonde-haired German, before she states, “Me too! It’s beautiful!”

“Enjoy difference – start tolerance,” states the woman.

It’s sad that Europe has gotten to this place, where Islam is slowly taking over. And it didn’t take hordes of Islamic invaders. All it took was the good intentions of liberal politicians and the centuries-old conquest of Europe that Muhammad dreamed of is practically complete. Why bother with terrorism when liberals will bow to you just to avoid being politically incorrect?

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