Frightening BLM Activist Banned From College Campus Later Hired By Same College

Frightening BLM Activist Banned From College Campus Later Hired By Same College

Okay, now hold on, how are you gonna ban someone from a section of your campus, only to hire them later? In what reality, in what galaxy, on what PLANET is that logical?

This “Black Lives Matter leader” was banned from a University of Kansas building after verbally accosting the Dean of Students in a profanity-laced tirade. During his vulgar rant, Caleb Stephens demanded that the dean, Paul Smokowski, “write a letter” that he would dictate. Of course, that never happened and he was no longer allowed to be in the School of Social Welfare building, Twente Hall.

But apparently this didn’t stop the school from deciding to hire him as a graduate teaching assistant in the theater building.

The amazing part is that while he is employed by the college, the ban is still in place! How crazy is that?

The 2015 letter banning him from the area was sent by Vice Provost for Administration and Finance Diane Goddard and in it she detailed the erratic and frightening behavior that Caleb exhibited.

She noted that he came “unannounced and without an appointment” to the dean’s office and “demanded that the Dean send an email to members of the School — telling him you would not leave until the message was sent, and attempting to dictate the precise terms of the message.”

Strange, right? But it gets even better.

“You then began shouting at the Dean, from the doorway, and your voice could be heard up and down the halls,” she wrote. “Your shouting — captured on video that I reviewed — disrupted classrooms, and caused instructors and other students to fear for their personal safety.”

Despite this clearly unprofessional and unacceptable behavior the man was still hired, a fact that was anonymously reported to the media by a student who was worried about a post on Stephens’ social media account calling white people “pieces of s***” with “no accountability and responsibility.”

That is the kind of person you want to put in a position of authority over other students, including and perhaps especially white students? If I were going to that college, I’d be a little more than a little concerned about my safety in that class. The man is clearly unbalanced and shouldn’t be allowed on any part of the campus, let alone as a graduate teaching assistant. If you are in this school or have children who attend classes here, I would encourage you to write a letter to the school. This man is extremely problematic.

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