Maxine Waters Starts Chant at Women’s Convention, But What She Said Won’t Ever Happen [VIDEO]

Maxine Waters Starts Chant at Women’s Convention, But What She Said Won’t Ever Happen [VIDEO]

If you look up “snowflake” in any dictionary, a photo of Maxine Waters would be the only definition you’d need. She’s seriously losing her mind and we have been tasked with the unfortunate job of dealing with her until her family can find a nursing home that meets her needs.

While at a “women’s conference,” Waters began a chant of “Impeach 45,” because wishful thinking is all she has left in life, I guess.

The speech was supposed to address the recent allegations against former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and his history of paying women off when they accused him of sexual harassment. For some reason, she also mentioned Trump, even though the only “sexual misconduct” allegations he faced quickly faded away after it was clear that people weren’t buying the lies. (They did the same thing to Ted Cruz and that quickly fell apart.)

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She mentioned how Trump has “no respect for women,” but he has a lot (I mean a LOT) of women in his administration so…?

You can watch this ridiculous example of hive mind below:

Those who attended this conference generally agreed with the sentiment, with one woman saying that it left her “shaking.”

“I loved how she called Trump out and I loved how she encouraged women to speak out and led us in an ‘impeach’ chant,” said Laura Chapman. “It was so powerful to hear thousands of women chant ‘impeach.’ I’m still shaking.”

Now as a woman, I obviously care about all issues that affect women, even if they’re not considered “feminist” issues by Tumblr. That being said, impeachment of an elected official because you don’t like what they said isn’t a women’s issue. Stop using your gender to make irrelevant things a female feeding frenzy. I was one of the first and loudest to come out against Trump’s comments because I don’t think that’s the kind of character we need leading our country right now, but I’m also intellectually consistent enough to know that saying that women allow you to grab them if you’re famous is not nearly as bad as actually doing it.

These women are trying to tie every bad thing to ever happen back to Trump in some way and it’s only a matter of time until we find out that he funded the meteor that killed the dinosaurs AND the eruption of Mount Saint Helens. And maybe Hurricane Katrina, while we’re at it, because why not?

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