Teacher who disrespects flag while holding Black Lives Matter sign at homecoming rally is suspended [VIDEO]

Teacher who disrespects flag while holding Black Lives Matter sign at homecoming rally is suspended [VIDEO]

Here it is. Another social justice schlep from California has made an ass out of herself and this time it actually had some consequences. You see, this particular person is a high school teacher who had to be escorted off campus because she decided that kneeling like a NFL boob while the National Anthem played during a school assembly was a great idea.

Actions, meet consequences.

Windy Pappas is the chemistry teacher that made the choice to kneel during the anthem, but also held up two signs – one having the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the other saying ‘It’s OK to disagree with every sign here!!!’ – all during the school’s Homecoming Week rally.

What? This woman couldn’t get political on her own time? She made her excuses when she was asked about what happened: “I felt like it was something respectful and supportive to our flag. I didn’t even think of it as a protest. I was taken off-guard by the reaction.”

You’re an idiot. Really, a certifiable dumb-dumb if you thought kneeling with a BLM sign during the National Anthem was going to go over just fine. Either that, or you are a liar, both of which don’t make you look good. The assembly went on, even with her ridiculous ‘protest’, but afterwards, another member of the school staff came to her office and ‘escorted’ her back to her car.

Good. Get! Pappas said she was nervous because she didn’t know she was being suspended until the school could complete an investigation. She said: “It’s unnerving. I’m a single mom and that’s something I’m thinking about right now.”

She was on paid leave after she was booted from the campus, but returned to work on Tuesday. The school district felt the need to release the following statement to the public, explaining the situation:

“We are aware that there was an unauthorized display during a Woodland High School rally on Friday. As a District, we’re using this as a learning opportunity to ensure we are all aware of the free speech rights of students and employees in schools.”

The high school principal Karrie Sequeria, dove deeper into the explanation in an email sent out to all the parents of the students.

“While teachers do retain certain First Amendment rights in their capacity as an instructor, such rights are limited by Education Code and case law.”

“Their personal, political or religious beliefs are not appropriately expressed at school or in the classroom. Instead, the appropriate and legal instructional role is one of neutral facilitator – one who facilitates student discussion and intelligent analysis of current events.”

YES! It’s had to believe, but this school actually believes in staying “neutral.” At least they are consistent on both sides of the political argument.

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