‘You Owe Me For Making My Grandmother A Slave’; Disabled Man Attacked On Bus Because He’s White

‘You Owe Me For Making My Grandmother A Slave’; Disabled Man Attacked On Bus Because He’s White

Another of what the left and the media love to call ‘hate crimes’, has just happened again. Yet, the left and the media will not be happy about the victim this time. It was a disabled, homeless white man, who was attacked on a public bus by a black man who was ranting about how he hated white people.

The victim here was a 52 year-old passenger who has asked not to be identified. He was riding the Q1 bus back in September when he came into contact with 27 year-old Marquis Evans-Royster. Evans-Royster seemed a bit unstable, as he approached the victim saying: “You owe me for making my grandmother a slave.”

The homeless man was also disabled and it was reported that he had remained calm and tried to ignore the abuse he was receiving. But that didn’t stop Evans-Royster from taking his hands and forcefully going through the 52 year-old’s pockets. it got to the point that many bystanders got upset over what the punk was doing, but it only managed to anger him more.

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The passengers were gathering together to try and get this guy off and away from the victim, but Evans-Royster bolted towards them to get them to back down. He then spat in the victim’s face and threatened that he would throw a jar of urine in his face.

This guy must have been on something that instigated and intensified his hatred for white people, because who the hell carries a bottle of urine around with them? Desi Cureton was one of the people on the bus and had this to say: “Who carries around a bottle a urine? If I was the judge, I would send him for mental health evaluation.”

The bus driver finally got involved, threatening to call the police. When the urine racist got wind of that, he quickly hopped off the bus that he didn’t even pay for and broke off the side mirror as a bidding farewell to everyone on the bus. Another man who was on the bus at the time was seventy year-old Tyrone Kenney, a black man who remembers the Civil Rights era and contrasted it to the kind of racial divide we have here today:

“It speaks to the state of the times. People are desperate, they’re looking for leadership, they’re looking for guidance, but they’re not getting it at home, they’re not getting it from government. It’s a period of time I’ve never seen before.”

Evans-Royster was later found and charged for his crimes. It is not yet clear whether drugs had an influence on his actions.

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