Marriage Shouldn’t Be Rushed

by Anna Maria Hoffman

Weddings are beautiful. They not only symbolize the unity of two different lives, but also symbolize a new beginning for the man and woman who are married. They make us joyful for the new chapter these people will begin in their lives, but they often can make us reflect on our own lives, especially if we are not married.

Of course, this is normal as we go on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and see people who are sometimes around our age or not too far from it celebrate their “I Do’s” and wedding receptions through beautiful photos. Sometimes, we get the false assumption that “everyone is getting married” and that we must follow suit with everyone else, in lock-step with our conformist culture. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We must remember that everyone is different, and that every couple is different as well. Marriage might be right for your girlfriend and her fiance at 22, or your male friend and his fiance at 31. Marriages have either dissolved or endured regardless of the age when they were begun. The most important thing to realize your time will come when it comes, and that this chapter in your life does not have to be influenced by others around you. That’s what make us all truly unique.

Marriage, like anything in life, should not be rushed. It requires careful discernment and maturity. After all, it’s a big decision that can dramatically impact our lives, for better or worse, depending on whom we marry. Granted no marriage is perfect and no couple will be completely ready for marriage, but each of us is capable of making the choice to not rush into marriage. As I have always heard in my family, “rush slowly” is the way to go, as ironic as that may seem. It means progressing from one chapter to the next in life with as minimal irrational decision making as possible, especially on big life decisions.

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