Our Interview with Ryan T. Anderson (Video)

Anna Maria Hoffman, Caleb Parke, and Gabriella Hoffman interviewed Ryan T. Anderson about marriage at the Heritage Foundation. Below are some quotes from the interviewers:

“We are incredibly thankful for having the opportunity to interview Ryan and share his arguments with America’s youth, who unfortunately have been presented with one side of the marriage debate. I hope that this interview inspires more young people to proactively defend marriage in the public square. I also hope this interview helps more young people understand that the marriage movement actually serves their best interest.”
Anna Maria Hoffman

“Ryan Anderson is a great authority on marriage policy whose voice needs to be heard. His command of the subject will impress allies and even our worst adversaries. I hope our interview interested our peers and made them think twice about redefining marriage.”
-Gabriella Hoffman“It was great interviewing Ryan T. Anderson. The first time I saw Ryan was in an interview on the Piers Morgan show with Suze Orman, where Ryan was placed in the audience instead of being on stage. He did an awesome job, and the interview made Piers and Suze look like two angry people talking down to a cheerful audience member.

It was a blessing to be part of the first young people to interview Ryan T. Anderson on the importance of marriage. He is a genuine man who can articulately uphold marriage for our society and our families. He is standing for truth, even though it may not be the most popular definition, but isn’t that how all great movements start?Ryan T. Anderson helped shed light on the importance of marriage with a secular, human rights view and equipped us with three points to be advocates for marriage.”
-Caleb Parke

This was originally published on Counter Cultured’s: “Upholding Marriage” column.

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