Right Online Plug: Vegas Baby!

Full disclosure: I’ve been honored by AFP for online work and they sponsored me to their conference–it’s where I learned Twitter. I am not and have never been, however, paid by AFP. They just do some great work–especially with Right Online.

Anyway, I keep going to the RightOnline conference because I always learn something new about the Social Media world. More than that, though, I have networked with and met some of the most incredible activists and workers within the conservative movement.

This year is going to be extra awesome. First, it’s in Vegas. Second, it’s in Harry Reid’s backyard and at a great time, too. Third, it’s in Vegas.

If you go to one event this summer, I hope it’s Right Online. It’s encouraging, enlightening and just plain fun.

Sign up here: RightOnline.org It will be at the Venetian Resort July 22 and 23, 2010.

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