Blacks Only: No Whites Allowed: What Is Going On In Georgia’s 4th?

Racism goes both ways. Liz Carter, Republican, running for congress in Georgia’s 4th and the most qualified candidate by far, is being excluded from a debate today because….she’s white.

From Liz’s Facebook page:

Just informed “Black Candidates” Only Tonight” So because I’m white I’m not invited to participate even though it is a Democrat and Republican debate? Hmmm- Will you call 1380 am and ask why?

Liz goes on to say:

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I do NOT believe the individuals hosting the event represent the collective views of District 4. I was shocked to be told I could not participate tonight when it is a Democrat and Republican debate and to be told it is for Black Candidates only. Diversity is a good thing in Corporate America, but when it comes to politics a race card is pulled? It’… See Mores sad actually that my republican challenger knows and posted it on his facebook last night. It is to bad we have candidates who don’t understand representation and who don’t realize that inclusion and diversity is powerful and empowers a community. This district has suffered far to long with that mentality and I know they want real representation. Again, I do NOT believe these individuals represent the collective views of District 4.

Finally this:

I’ve just been told 1380 am is not sponsoring this event and did not know about it. It is a Newsmakerslive event only.

So, just so we’re clear, there’s an organization in Georgia that will only allow Blacks to debate?

This is the district that elected Cynthia McKinney and Hank Johnson, but it is organizers like this Newsmakerslive group that deliver horrible candidate after horrible candidate where the qualification to be a representative isn’t their character but the color of their skin.


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