Rosemary Willis Ferrera Brings Pageant Flair to Politics and Fitness

Rosemary Willis Ferrera is someone right-minded Millennials should get to know.  We’ve had the pleasure of making her acquaintance here in Northern Virginia and are happy to profile her!

Rosemary is perhaps best known for her involvement in the Miss America Organization (MAO) as Miss Virginia 2012. She currently works for Washington Free Beacon as their Outreach Director and maintains the fitness blog Soul Strong Fitness. Ferrera is a 2013 graduate of the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA and is married to her college sweetheart, Ryan.

GH: Tell us about your time as Miss Virginia and how it prepared you for getting involved in the conservative movement. 

RF: My year as Miss Virginia was such a rewarding year of growth and adventure. The Miss America Organization is the largest scholarship provider for women in the world, and so first and foremost, becoming Miss Virginia helped pay for a large portion of my political science degree from William and Mary. Furthering my education and community service opportunities was my initial reason for getting involved.

Preparing for the difficult interview portion of the pageant was key to helping me really figure out what I believed and why. I was frequently asked political and controversial questions by the judges over the course of my 3 years competing, including evaluating candidates, tax reform, marriage, abortion, education, and foreign policy. It was my job to learn how to answer them honestly, intelligently, and politely to the best of my ability. That practiced skill is one of the main reasons I think former “Miss States” often get involved in politics, or at least communications of some kind.

During my year of traveling around the state, I would have to be prepared for appearances like speaking about self-responsibility and healthy choices to elementary school students, talking about current events at retirement homes, attending business meetings with politicians like Paul Ryan, obtaining sponsorships, singing at festivals and parades, and dancing with high schoolers at their graduation banquet. The flexibility needed for a job like this teaches you not to sweat the small stuff under pressure, and how to have a pleasant conversation with pretty much anyone in any situation.

Read the rest of Gabriella’s interview with Rosemary at Counter Cultured.

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