Welcome to the Revamped Counter Cultured!

Welcome to the Revamped Counter Cultured!

Hello, and Happy New Year!

We hope you’re liking Counter Cultured’s new layout! Founded in September 2012 by my sister Gabriella and I, Counter Cultured seeks to communicate culturally conservative issues through small government, non-religious arguments and engage millennials to speak out on these issues through different forms of new media. We wanted to fill a void in the conservative movement by creating this site.

What’s new on the site? Well, several things. You can now subscribe to our site to receive our latest blog posts by typing in your email address in the “Subscribe” box listed on our homepage and most pages of our site. Also, all of our blog posts are now listed under the “Blog” tab.

In addition, our video projects, which give counter cultural millennials the opportunity to make their voices heard on important cultural topics, are now called videos. If you’re 18-29 years old and want to star in our video on the Second Amendment, you can sign up to participate in it here.

Another way you can be part of our site is through Q&A, which used to be called “Advice Column.” You can send us questions on important cultural topics, and one of our bloggers will post answers to your questions under the “Blog” tab. Lastly, our recommend books and films, along with our past songs of the week, are listed under our “Resources” tab.

We hope you’re enjoying our new site and decide to make your voice heard with us!

-Anna Maria

This blog post was originally published on Counter Cultured.

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