A Businessman ate endangered tiger PENISES and then made wine out of their BLOOD

This is just sick. Xu had a lot of money and believed eating tiger meat and drinking their blood would give him good health and boost his libido. Now he’s on his way to jail, which is too good a fate for him in my opinion. Tigers are endangered, beautiful big cats and it is criminal to wipe them out to satisfy some sick personal superstition. He shared the meat with friends and told them to lie. He made the tigers’ blood into wine to drink and ate their penises for cripes sake. The man is a monster and twisted.

Shocking: The man also reportedly handed out tiger steaks to friends.

From the Mirror:

According to China’s state news agency, the man known as Xu was jailed for 13 years after having three of the animals killed – one by electric shock.

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A Chinese man has reportedly been jailed for 13 years for buying and eating endangered tigers and making wine made out of their blood.

The man, identified as a rich businessmen surnamed Xu, organised three trips to the southern province of Guangdong last year to buy the tigers, which he then transported to his home region of Guangxi, the Xinhua state news agency said.

Xu and his accomplices witnessed the killing of three tigers in three deals with the sellers, one of which was killed by an electric shock, the report said.

Xu ate the tigers’ penises and gave his friends cuts of the rest of the meat, reportedly saying: “If anyone asks, say it is beef, horse or big cat meat”.

Xu was arrested after one of his deals was recorded by someone nearby who reported it to the police.

The report did not say where the tigers came from, only that they were suspected of being smuggled into the country.

Xu was originally sentenced in April and then appealed, but this week a court rejected that appeal, Xinhua said.

Tiger meat is believed by some Chinese to have health-giving properties and to work as an aphrodisiac, which has driven a booming trade in tiger products in recent years as the country has become wealthier.

China is home to tigers, mainly in the remote northeast, but their numbers have shrunk drastically due to poaching and habitat loss despite government conservation efforts.

The South China tiger, one of the world’s smallest subspecies and the only one native to central and southern China, is feared to be extinct in the wild.

Xu smuggled the tigers in and shocked at least one of them to death. How barbaric. It makes you weep when you look at these beautiful cats and realize that someone would slaughter them this way. The cats can’t be brought back, but hopefully the businessman will be dealt some semblance of justice here, if he doesn’t succeed in buying his way out that is. His appeal after conviction was nixed, so there is hope for him being sent to deepest, darkest prison over this. 13 years hardly seems long enough, but Chinese prisons are brutal. Maybe it will be just long enough.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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