Gov. Jerry Brown Makes Teachers Sitting Ducks – ENSURES They Can’t Defend Themselves If Shot At

Gov. Jerry Brown Makes Teachers Sitting Ducks – ENSURES They Can’t Defend Themselves If Shot At

Massive debt? Who cares! The real issue in California is whether or not teachers can shoot someone who barges into their classroom with a gun!

The Department of Education says that less than half of California’s public school students are able to demonstrate a proficiency in math and English, but Gov. Jerry Brown is too concerned with teachers protecting their students from being shot to address a silly little issue like that fact that millions of kids are unable to read and write or do simple math.

Bill AB 424 was introduced by a Democrat from Sacramento, Kevin McCarty, and was in response to the fact that five Californian school districts allowed teachers and staff with their concealed carry permits to bring their firearms to campus in case a situation happens where they must protect themselves and their students.

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McCarty said that:

“A safe learning environment is essential for our children to be successful in the classroom. That’s not possible if a school district allows armed civilians to roam California school campuses.”

So despite their concealed carry permits in California of all places — one of the hardest places to legally carry or use firearms — these teachers are now forbidden through state law to bring their guns to work in case the unspeakable happens and someone breaks into their school to cause chaos.

The Firearms Policy Coalition opposed the bill due to their constitutional “fundamental right to self-defense” and called the bill a “whim.”

Another bill that was recently vetoed included a measure that would have given teachers and other employees in California’s school districts at least six weeks worth of paid maternity leave, either before or after giving birth to their child. Teachers do not usually get paid mat leave and usually use their sick leave instead. After their sick time is exhausted, money is taken from the teacher’s salary to pay for a substitute teacher.  The Teacher’s Union had urged the six weeks of maternity leave in order to fix the teacher shortage, which they claim is made worse by the fact that young women who want to teach are unable to both raise a family and lead their classes.

If you’re wondering, Jerry Brown and his wife have no kids and used to bring their Corgi to events instead.

Jerry Brown has been signing more crazy bills into law than the rest of us can keep up with. Just last week he decriminalized the disclosure of HIV. While it was once a felony to fail to tell a sexual partner, or indeed a person working with blood services, that a person had HIV, it is now only a misdemeanor subject to a fine.

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