Intentionally Infecting Others With HIV No Longer a Felony in California – Jerry Brown Made SURE Of It

Intentionally Infecting Others With HIV No Longer a Felony in California – Jerry Brown Made SURE Of It

This is evil.

Gov. Jerry Brown of California has signed into law a bill that decriminalizes disclosing HIV-positive status from a felony to a misdemeanor. This is terrifying for two reasons: It is no longer a crime to not tell a sexual partner that you have HIV/AIDS and it is no longer a crime to not disclose your status when you donate blood.

That is, it’s no longer criminal in the state of California to not disclose that you have HIV when donating blood.

I’ve received more than a few blood transfusions in recent years and can happily say that I’ve never picked up a blood borne illness due to the diligence of my providers. It is very difficult to detect HIV in the blood, because it can occur in such a small concentration that even if HIV+ blood is tested, it can still pass. And even that small amount can infect the person who receives that transfusion.

Gov. Brown’s government said that the state has taken a “major step forward toward treating HIV as a public health issue” instead of just treating patients with HIV as criminals.

State Senator Scott Wiener said that HIV “should be treated like all other serious infectious diseases,” perhaps unaware of the long history of quarantining patients with serious, deadly infectious diseases like smallpox. Having HIV isn’t like getting the flu and transmitting it to another person has a serious impact on their life.

Back in the 1980s, it was suggested over and over again that the few thousand AIDS patients ought to be quarantined humanely to die away from human contact. But no, that would be a violation of human rights. And instead of letting a few thousand people die painful deaths, we have millions and millions of people living with HIV and AIDS through the fault of the public health legislators who thought they were doing the right thing.

Last year we found out that the Clinton Foundation was doctoring their memos to cover up the fact that they were diluting the effectiveness of the HIV/AIDS drugs that they were distributing to poor HIV patients in Africa. The altered memos were from 2008 and were sent to the lefties at Politifact where they used the fake news to push against the narrative that the Clinton Foundation, who only spend 6% of their budget on charity, were giving out watered down drugs. Turns out the Clintons were getting the drugs from a generic Indian pharmacy and didn’t disclose the lessened effectiveness to patients.

A few years ago, a leading HIV/AIDS expert in the Caribbean was fired from his job at the Jamaican campus of the University of the West Indies. He had recently given expert opinion that “the relative risk of contracting HIV is significantly higher among men who have sex with other men.” An oncologist at the school said that his firing was both a free speech issue as well as a truth issue, but he still lost his job because he dared to contribute to the “continued criminalization and stigmatization” of gay sex.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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