Water Restrictions: The Browning of California

As mentioned previously, the current drought in California is manmade. No, it has nothing to do with apocryphal anthropogenic global warming. Water has always been precious in the Southwest. It used to be we could store the water to get us through dry times. But then liberals decided that this oppresses a useless minnow called the delta smelt. Consequently, Californians now face their first mandatory water restrictions.

Former California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly brings us up to date on the current state of affairs under Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown:

Never forget the mantra of the guru of leftists like Brown, or Rahm Emanuel, in the Saul Alinksy tradition: never let a good crisis go to waste, and if you don’t have one, create one.

So in response to Jerry Brown’s massive mismanagement of our most precious natural resource—water—the governor has ordered you to conserve 25% or there will be hell to pay. Mandatory conservation or you will face fines or even have your water cut off.

Not dams, not water storage, not desalinization and God forbid, not cutting off those damned fish, who require us to flush millions of acre feet out to sea. It’s you who needs to change.

Jerry Brown wants to turn California brown again.

The draconian water conservation measures Brown is imposing could easily have been avoided. But liberals always think in terms of coercively dividing a fixed pie, rather than allowing people to bake more pies.

Instead of fast-tracking the construction of critically-needed dams, and immediately diverting excess water from running off to the ocean and using it to fill up our lakes and reservoirs for storage, he’s done nothing in his five years despite the fact that Democrats have had absolute control over every aspect of state government for all that time.

Under the environmentalists’ thumb, Brown’s been content to allow our rivers to run at full flow to the ocean so that fish can enjoy themselves while farmers are dying–wasting enough water every year to irrigate millions of acres of now decimated farmland, and provide enough water for millions of urban households.

Obama himself doesn’t personify Alinskyite politics any better than the California drought fiasco. Democrats created a major crisis, and are now exploiting it to justify increasing government micromanagement and seizing wealth to pay off the left-wing radicals who put them in power. It’s textbook:

In August of 2014, [Governor Moonbeam] signed a bill granting government unprecedented control over the groundwater on your private property. Two weeks later, he signed the water bond so that your children and your children’s children can pay billions upon billions for about $2.7 billion worth of water storage. What happened to the rest of the money? Well, about $4.4 billion went to payoffs for the environmental extremists and the politicians who created this crisis. …

By declaring a state of emergency, the governor can take what he’s described as “unprecedented” action. Mandatory rationing is just the beginning.

Best of all, Brown et al. can blame the havoc they cause on “global warming” — a phony pretext for still more repression and confiscation.

Every time I look at the news I ask myself just what it will take to get people to rebel against liberal rule. The answer might be: turning on the tap and seeing no water come out. So long as they know who is to blame.

What progressives are progressing toward in California.

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