Obama May Put Israel at Mercy of United Nations

Leftists see Israel as a little America, a colonial island of Western Civilization spoiling an idyllic sea of revered Third World savagery. Naturally Obama hates it, as he has wasted few opportunities to demonstrate. His latest kick to Israel’s groin was green-lighting the nuclear weapons program of a country that openly regards the destruction of Israel as non-negotiable. What’s next in US–Israel relations under our first anti-Israel president? Maybe this:

The [Obama] administration has signaled that it might abandon the decades-long U.S. policy of protecting Israel at the UN and back a Security Council resolution laying out terms for a two-state solution to the almost 67-year-old dispute between the Jewish state and the Palestinians.

Putting Israel at the tender mercies of the United Nations is the equivalent of entrusting a lamb to a pack of wolves. Hitler himself couldn’t have hated Israel more fanatically than the Islamists and dictators who dominate this malevolent organization, which is even more hostile to Israel than to America, and which incidentally is funded largely by the $654 million per year confiscated from US taxpayers on its behalf by the federal government.

It demonstrates the prevailing mentality that in 2013 the UN passed 21 resolutions against Israel, versus 4 against every other country combined.

A sharp knife to Israel’s back might take this form:

[T]he U.S. could back a French plan to draft a Security Council resolution that would set a binding timeframe in which to define the parameters of a two-state solution based on Israel’s 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as their shared capital, said two knowledgeable Security Council diplomats.

The 1967 borders would be indefensible, especially with a new terror state run by Hamas and no doubt backed by Iran just beyond them.

Israel only has to lose one war. Then Arabs will impose “right of return” demographic conquest, a form of the cultural genocide that Obama has been waging against the USA, which in Israel’s case would quickly result in total obliteration more irrevocably devastating even than Iran’s nukes.

If Obama and the Democrats are not removed from power soon, Israel will perish. Eventually it will come our turn, as a dying Western Civilization continues to contract.

Only self-hatred — a major component of the liberal psyche — can explain continued Jewish support for the Democrat Party in the Age of Hope & Change.

Obama will get even with Bibi for being so vastly his superior.

On tips from Stormfax and Jester. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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