Liberal college students reject free speech, block Conservative from speaking

Liberal college students reject free speech, block Conservative from speaking

College campuses in California have gone totally fascist. The thing they claim to protest against is exactly what they are guilty of. Protesters at Claremont College were successful in stopping Manhattan Institute conservative, Heather Mac Donald, from speaking on campus. She had to livestream her speech to address roughly 250 students. They submitted questions via email. This is just unacceptable in a free country. The Constitution guarantees Heather the right to free speech. There would be hell to pay if a Black Lives Matter leader was silenced like this.

This crap just gets worse and worse… I’ve watched Ben Shapiro bravely go from campus to campus. He’s heckled and threatened routinely. Sometimes, they are forced to cancel his speeches. If it’s not that, the universities charge extortionist rates for security in an effort to silence him. Heather Mac Donald is in very good company. This time, Black Lives Matter activists blocked the entrances so she could not enter the building. They were physically a threat to her. Why do they hate her? Because she was giving a speech entitled “The War on Police,” a reference to her 2016 book about how political rhetoric against police makes America less safe.

From The Daily Signal:

Protesters at the Claremont Colleges successfully prevented conservative commentator Heather Mac Donald from speaking on their campus.

Students at the Claremont Colleges, a consortium of undergraduate and graduate liberal arts colleges in Claremont, California, blocked entrances to the building that Mac Donald was scheduled to speak in.

Mac Donald, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank, was giving a speech titled “The War on Police,” a reference to her 2016 book about how political rhetoric against police makes America less safe.

Mac Donald was forced to livestream her speech after protesters blocked students and professors from entering the building.

According to the school’s newspaper, The Forum, 250 students watched Mac Donald speak. Students had to submit questions via email.

“Among other chants, protesters yelled ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘How do you spell fascism? CMC!’ while banging on windows of the [Athenaeum],” according to The Forum.

Mac Donald was a guest of the Rose Institute of State and Local Government, a research institute on the campus of Claremont McKenna College, a member of the Claremont Consortium. She was invited to speak and this is how they treated her. And I was not impressed by the college president’s email after the incident… Peter Uvin, vice president of academic affairs for Claremont McKenna College, said to students after the incident: “I fully understand that people have strong opinions and different—often painful—experiences with the issues Heather Mac Donald discusses. I also understand that words can hurt.” Words also set you free and should not be silenced, but I guess he forgot to include that point.

However, Uvin did condemn the students’ behavior, saying, “What we face here is not an attempt to demonstrate, or to ask tough questions of our speaker, all of which are both protected and cherished on this campus, but rather to make it impossible for her to speak, for you to listen, and for all of us to debate. This we could not accept.” But the answer is not to cancel the event… they should have arrested the troublemakers. It’s a pity these universities don’t take the First Amendment as seriously as they do the feelings of Black Lives Matter.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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