BloombergBusinessweek Serves as Soapbox for Hardcore Marxist Propaganda

Life under liberalism requires reading cartoonish Marxist propaganda even in business news publications. BloombergBusinessweek explains the financial success of venture capitalist Tom Perkins:

Perkins had a successful career as a corporate executive before he co-founded his VC firm. Given that he made the bulk of his money gambling on startups, he should understand the role that luck plays in wealth accumulation. …

Perkins had the chance to be a successful executive in the first place because he was born privileged enough to enter the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an undergraduate in 1953, when a little more than 5 percent of Americans aged 25 to 29 had a bachelor’s degree. If he had been born in Liberia, perhaps to a single mother, all bets of billionaire status would be completely off. He surely worked hard, and took risks informed by smarts and insight, but he was incredibly lucky to start where he did and end up where he is now, with enough money for a classic car collection and a massive yacht.

Yet Perkins is far from alone in thinking he’s rich because he earned it and the poor are poor because they didn’t. Indeed […quack quack quack quack…] the widespread sense among some of America’s most powerful people that incomes are largely the result of just deserts, rather than luck and accidents of birth, is a problem.

So is rich people being allowed to keep as much as they do of their money. But the author hopes the downtrodden proletarian masses will “start voting for politicians who are going to do something about it.”

Presumably this was written by a grown adult, unless MSNBC’s Touré has adopted “Charles Kenny” as a pen name.

So don’t bother with business school. Capitalism isn’t about hard work and intelligence. It’s just a spin of the roulette wheel, until Big Government makes everything socially just by stealing the wealth from those who create it and giving it to those who don’t.

A labor camp will wipe that smug look off Perkins’s face.

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