0.000001 Billion Rising

Incredibly, many news sites failed to acknowledge 1 Billion Rising, which hit San Francisco like an earthquake on Valentine’s Day. Fortunately Zombie has filed an eye witness report:

February 14 is now 1 Billion Rising day, [Vagina Monologues moonbat Eve] Ensler’s new dance-oriented hijacking of her own V-Day which was itself a hijacking of Valentine’s Day. The thesis behind 1 Billion Rising is that if the world’s one billion rape victims all rose up en masse and danced every February 14, then rape would cease to exist because unicorns and rainbows. …

This newspaper report says there were only 100 participants, while a more generous media estimate says “nearly 400″ at the high end, most of whom showed up late in the event to hear Black Eyed Peas rapper apl.de.ap spin records as the headlining attraction.

The event’s own official Web page reveals that only 71 people RSVPed, which seems about right, considering that well over half the people on hand were the organizers, performers, staff, volunteers, speakers and security.

In short, it was a total flop. Apparently not many were inspired by Eve Ensler’s vision:

“I had a vision that the one billion women who will be raped or beaten in their lifetime, I had a vision of them and all the men who loved them rising and dancing to end violence against women.”

Zombie insightfully comments:

What we have here is a classic example of “magical thinking,” which confuses symbolic gestures with effective action. One is reminded of The Ghost Dance of the 1890s, in which Native Americans tried to stop the advance of Western Civilization by engaging in a series of dance rituals.

If only we could get bureaucrats to distinguish between symbolic gestures and effective action, they might stop trying to cripple the economy on behalf of the polar bears, and admit that even if global warming were real and a bad thing, there would be nothing anyone could do to prevent it.

As for the dismal turnout,

Organizers might counter my dismissal by pointing out that the San Francisco event is only one out of “hundreds” of 1 Billion Rising events around the world, but even their own promotional video, shown here as part of a TV news report, reveals that most of those other events are even smaller.

1 Billion Rising? More like a few thousand, grand total, worldwide. The problem with overselling yourself with a grandiose name is that when you fail to meet your promise, you look foolish. And unimportant. And small.

If you can’t draw a crowd with a wacky left-wing event intended to subvert a more or less traditional holiday in San Francisco, where can you do it? It seems moonbattery is no longer a raging wildfire burning our country down as it was in the heady days of 2008, but has settled down into a steadily corroding rust that no one takes seriously. Or maybe a happier metaphor can be applied: the rising tide of left-wing insanity that hit its high water mark with Obama’s election is finally receding, so that the long work of rebuilding our country’s character can begin.

A pitiful handful of moonbats rising amid ripped-up skin magazines.

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