For 50 years, we’ve been welcoming Charlie Brown into our homes at Christmastime. Here’s why…

It’s been half a century since A Charlie Brown Christmas aired on December 9, 1965, which is amazing.

And to think the show’s producers figured it would bomb

Everyone recognizes the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It’s a tiny, bare pine nailed to two small planks of wood. There’s one oversize red ornament weighing down the top of the tree, causing it to sadly droop. Even if you’ve never seen the special before, you’ve seen the Charlie Brown tree.

Back in 1965, executives at CBS weren’t sure that anyone would tune in to watch the A Charlie Brown Christmas on December 9, a Thursday, at 7:30 p.m. Lee Mendelson, the executive producer, just didn’t think that it would work out. Thankfully, he still ended up backing the project, along with CBS, who didn’t have much faith in it either.

With very little hope, A Charlie Brown Christmas went on the air. Instead of flopping… it had an audience of half the nation! No one expected the cartoon to do so well, let alone for it to become a classic.

It’s not just the lovable characters which made the show a legend. It’s the message.

Here, see for yourself…

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