Anheuser-Busch Beer Heir Avoids Girlfriend’s Funeral: Suspicious Circumstances of Death

Time for a follow-up to my Midwestern “scoop” that I picked up while spending holidays with family in the fly-over country bunker. It is WAY past time for the mainstream media to make sure the police do their job in behalf of one very dead: beautiful woman and her son who now has no mother.

This story of the rogue, wealthy beer heir possibly getting away with murder TWICE, is getting very LITTLE play here in his home town area.: :  Why is that, do you think?

In case you missed it, get caught up here: “Anheuser-Busch Beer Heir has Another Dead Girlfriend.”

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As I said when the reports first came out,:  there’s no doubt in my mind we already have another Ted Kennedy/Chappaquiddick situation based on Busch’s car crash in 1983 in which a young woman died…(he hitched a ride home, left her for dead, and didn’t report the accident for hours.)

Adrienne Martin — friends say she despised drug use and do not believe she died of an overdose: 

The death of yet another girl friend just before Christmas, this time in August Bush IV’s home,: is getting more and more suspicious.: 

–Adrienne Martin, a former Hooters waitress who aspired to be a “beer model,” called August Busch IV the “love of her life.”:  Lover-boy Busch didn’t attend her funeral this week.:  They had been dating a year.:  She leaves behind an 8-year old son from another marriage.

–There was a 42 hour gap between Adrienne Martin’s death and the first call to police from Busch’s home.:  Busch didn’t make the call, either.:  One of his “people” did.

–There has been a report from the ex-husband of Martin that she had a heart condition.:  Busch’s attorney quickly seized on this and said she must have died of an overdose.

–Martin’s friends say Martin, a 27-year-old mother of an 8-year-old boy, didn’t do drugs and was in fact, very NEGATIVE about drug use. Toxicology reports are weeks away.

–Busch has a long history of whore-doggery, weirdness, kinkiness, “poor little misunderstood, unloved-by-his-rich-daddy” rich boy whininess, and irresponsibility.

–Busch, the professed “love” of his dead girlfriend’s life, has not said one damn word about her death since it happened IN HIS BED IN HIS OWN HOME.

CBS News has a very good follow-up story (read it all) : on the checkered, shady past of August Busch IV (aka “the Fourth.”)

“Busch remains “a conflicted man,” an expert on his family told “Early Show” co-anchor Russ Mitchell Tuesday.

“I think one of the most defining things in his life, in his history has been his really difficult relationship with his father, August Busch III. And that’s something that has made his life incredibly tumultuous,” Julie MacIntosh, author of “Dethroning the King: The Hostile Takeover of Anheuser-Busch, an American Icon” told Mitchell. “He didn’t spend much time with his dad, ever, except for when they were at the office. And his father has been very stingy with giving praise. And it’s been something that ‘The Fourth’ has always longed for — acceptance from his father. And it’s not clear whether he ever really got that, even as CEO of Anheuser-Busch.”

In his youth, Busch had a playboy image, Mitchell observed.

“I wouldn’t say he embraced (the image) necessarily,” MacIntosh remarked. “But it isn’t clear that he really tried to turn the coin and do something else, either. People really lobbied for him to change that image, especially on Anheuser-Busch’s board. They felt it was much more responsible, at least from appearance’s sake, if he kind of tamed that a little bit. But as we can see, he’s still dating a 27-year-old. There’s a little bit of a May/December romance going on there. And, the other — the counterargument is he’s no longer working for the company. He can essentially do whatever he’d like.”: 

The takeover of the family business hit Busch hard, MacIntosh says. “He told the distributors of Anheuser-Busch beer, just a few months before the company was taken over, that it would never be taken over on his watch. So, he felt that he violated a level of trust he had with the company’s employees and distributors by promising it wouldn’t get taken over and then allowing it to happen. So I know it was really difficult for him, after the deal, to accept that he wasn’t able to live up to his promise.

“But one of the things that I speak to at great lengths in my book is that I actually don’t attribute that much of the blame to the company’s takeover to August Busch IV. I think a lot of the reasons Anheuser-Busch became so vulnerable (are rooted in) his father’s reign and the decisions that his father made.”: 

As for Martin’s death, MacIntosh says, “In terms of whether charges will be filed or not, I think there’s certainly the potential that August Busch IV just has incredibly bad luck and this woman may have died from circumstances that had nothing to do with him.: 

“That said, he has long lived a fast life, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that he wasn’t involved in some way. We’ll just have to see.

“But, the implications for him going forward are interesting in that he is a board member of Anheuser-Busch InBev, currently, and they’re going to have to make a determination as to whether they’re comfortable with him being in the public eye right now for something like this. I don’t think they necessarily have to wait for charges to be filed to make their own corporate decision on the matter. And I’m sure they’ve talked to him about what has happened, and we might get a sense of what they believe actually happened behind the scenes based on what their decision is.”: 

Chad Garrison of Riverfront Times has the laundry list of Busch bimbos.

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