Fish Wrap’s Kristof Calls For “Equality”, Compares Humans To Monkeys

It’s a new year, a new decade, so, on day one, Nicholas Kristof is already whining about monetary inequality. He is more than welcome to give up the majority of his cushy salary, along with the rest of the overpaid hacks at the NY Times Equality, a True Soul Food

John Steinbeck observed that “a sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ.”

That insight, now confirmed by epidemiological studies, is worth bearing in mind at a time of such polarizing inequality that the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans possess a greater collective net worth than the bottom 90 percent.

He never really gets around to providing ideas to address this inequality, just pushes around the edges in the closing, yet, we all know that the answer in Liberal World is not “work to help the poor (who tend to have free/cheap housing, big screen TVs, microwaves, and cars) achieve a higher salary through better education and work habits.” Instead, it is “take the money from the wealthiest (like those who write op-eds for the NY Times) and just give it to the poor, so they can eat more while sitting around in their free/cheap housing while watching their big screen TVs.”

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There’s growing evidence that the toll of our stunning inequality is not just economic but also is a melancholy of the soul. The upshot appears to be high rates of violent crime, high narcotics use, high teenage birthrates and even high rates of heart disease.

Or, it could have something to do with Liberal policies that coddle criminals, sexualize teens and make them think it is simply just A-OK to have wild unprotected sex at a young age, when they are completely unprepared for parenthood, and tell the poor that it’s just fine to sit around all day as the government gives them free money.” I think my explanation is somewhat more believable, and certainly quantified by the state of Liberal controlled areas around the world.

Now it gets really strange

There’s similar evidence from other primates. For example, macaque monkeys are also highly social animals, and scientists put them in cages and taught them how to push a lever so that they could get cocaine. Those at the bottom of the monkey hierarchy took much more cocaine than high-status monkeys.

Other experiments found that low-status monkeys suffered physical problems, including atherosclerosis in their arteries and an increase in abdominal fat. And as with monkeys, so with humans. Researchers have found that when people become unemployed or suffer economic setbacks, they gain weight. One 12-year study of American men found that when their income slipped, they gained an average of 5.5 pounds.

Nothing better than comparing human social life to that of monkeys. Of course, it seems to be primarily Blacks that are shown on the television as being “the poor and downtrodden”, so, I declare Nicholas Kristof a monumental racist, and it is up to him to prove otherwise.

BTW, which political party has controlled Congress and most state governments the past 4 years? The White House the last two? Not to mention which political leaning has been the majority in governmental agencies/bureaucracies for, well, forever?

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