Barbara Streisand is OUTRAGED over Trump’s new tax bill because her taxes will go up

Barbara Streisand is OUTRAGED over Trump’s new tax bill because her taxes will go up

Hollywood nutbar Barbra Streisand, 75, is having her monthly meltdown over Donald Trump. But this time, it appears to be trickle-up outrage and she is upset that under Trump’s Tax Cut and Reform Bill, the millionaire’s tax bill is going up.

According to Forbes, the singer is worth $370 million and has taken to Twitter to cry that her taxes are going up, because the new tax plan no longer has goodies she can exploit for lower taxes. On social media she cried about it in the only way she can imagine: through the magic of cinema, because taking a hard look at reality as it is seems too difficult for her. She claims that the new tax plan is a trap that is deliberately meant to harm those who live in blue states, athletes, the middle class and Hollywood. Gee, I thought liberals wanted to pay more in taxes? Silly me.

Basically, if this were a movie script, I wouldn’t like it! Well, movies are over in two hours and good ones have an ending. Real life is slightly different than popcorn entertainment on a Tuesday night. As far as vindictiveness and lies goes… that’s far more Barack Obama’s shtick than Trump’s.

Of course, there has to be a conspiracy out there. Most of us have never interacted with billionaires, but Babs seems to be familiar with how they all think, while adding on a note about “the middle class” as an afterthought. You know what the real conspiracy is here? That not one Democrat voted to lower taxes. Trump warned them that they would regret not voting for the tax cuts and he’s absolutely right on that.

President Trump told us to wait until February, when “middle class workers” opens their pay stubs and see the extra dollars they’re getting to keep. And I have news for Babs… every dollar is important to those that actually work for a living. So yes, Americans will be happy with this.

And as for the rich — weren’t we told that this new Tax Cut and Reform Bill will only lower taxes for the ultra-rich? Yet Streisand cries that she’s been ripped off.

What’s making Babs such an expert on her taxes so early on? They’re not due for months! Well, if you have millions in assets, you’d best do your taxes before the first of January so you can see if you should invest more here, or there, or if you should hold off on any big purchases until next year. Her accountants must have come back to her to confirm that yes, you’ll be paying more in taxes because the old tricks we used to lower your taxes are no longer in play.

In actuality, uber wealthy celebrities like Streisand pay almost nothing in taxes. They hide their money in investments, trusts and off-shore accounts. So, she doesn’t care if the middle class gets whacked with taxes. That’s not her problem. She lies with abandon and claims that the tax cuts will hurt, not help Americans, when the exact opposite is true. Americans will get to keep more of their hard-earned money and when tax time comes, there will be some relief. If you listen to Streisand however, the world is ending and it’s all Trump’s fault. It always is.

Streisand, like so many other disjointed Hollywood celebrities including Chrissy Teigen (who said Trump has caused her to need dental work for grinding due to stress), has used the election of Trump to excuse herself from personal responsibility. Last spring she claimed that she was gaining weight, explaining that she eats pancake with maple syrup after watching the morning news.”Time for more pancakes,” she said after watching a report of Trump accusing Obama of tapping his phones.

For years now, Babs has been on a high horse while even her own family struggles. Her stepson, Jess Brolin, was photographed digging food out of a garbage bin near where he lives in California after being unable to afford his $800 a month apartment back in 2011. Less than 80 miles from the Streisand mansion, Brolin has been living on the streets. James Brolin, the man’s father, has been married to Babs since 1998. Jess was granted a six-figure inheritance when his mother died in an accident in 1995, but ran the money out. What a messed up family. So, please spare Americans your lectures, Babs… get your own house in order first.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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