BOOM: Media Bullies Ben Carson, James Woods Obliterates Them With 1 Tweet

BOOM: Media Bullies Ben Carson, James Woods Obliterates Them With 1 Tweet

James Woods is a special brand of Hollywood – the conservative kind. The liberal media has certainly been piling on presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson as of late, and he is having none of it:


They have been digging deep into his background, searching for anything that could potentially be blown out of proportion into a disastrous scandal, all in an effort to derail the good doctor’s surging campaign.

However, the intense scrutiny of the liberal media of Carson has actually resulted in the opposite effect of what the media was hoping for, as supporters are rallying around their man and firing back at the media over their bias.

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Most notable in the criticism of the media is the glaringly obvious fact that they never exerted even half as much effort in scrutinizing President Barack Obama’s background when he ran for the Oval Office.

To wit, conservative actor and frequent Obama critic James Woods posted a meme to Twitter featuring a picture of a young Obama beside a list of all of his records that have been sealed or hidden away from an inquiring public.

Woods clearly made the point that the media has a disgustingly hypocritical double standard when it comes to how they deal with Democrats like Obama versus Republicans like Dr. Ben Carson.

Good on James Woods for calling the media out on their general hypocrisy. The reputation of a good man should not be at stake here – but sadly, the media is electing to crucify him. Maybe they should take a look in the mirror before trying to play the blame game.

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