Dog the Bounty Hunter Just Dropped a BOMBSHELL… Wow

Dog the Bounty Hunter Just Dropped a BOMBSHELL… Wow

Dog the Bounty Hunter is claiming that El Chapo’s days are numbered and that he is close to being captured. Just not by him. He says there is no amount of money that would lure him back to Mexico without permission. Last time, he wound up behind bars and evidently it was not pleasant. I’m not so sure they’ll catch El Chapo though. He did get wounded in the last raid that hit his compound, but he’s slippery and got away. Again. El Chapo is responsible for the largest drug trade here in the US. He has threatened the life of Donald Trump multiple times and he is definitely high up on everyone’s list to capture. I hope they do. But if they do, they better get his son as well, or the power will simply shift. That’s the way it works.


From TMZ:

Dog the Bounty Hunter is tapping out on tracking El Chapo … despite the $5 million bounty on the notorious drug lord’s head, and no price tag is going to change his mind.

Dog says he learned a big lesson the last time he went after a fugitive who was down Mexico way — ’cause he ended up behind bars!

And although there’s one less man looking for him now, Dog says El Chapo’s days on the lam are numbered … for one simple reason.

A $5 million dollar bounty is pretty big incentive to capture someone. Wonder if that is dead or alive? The price Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán paid to escape from a high-security prison seems to have been pocket change for the Sinaloa cartel boss. He’s worth at least $1 billion and is said to have paid $3 million to escape from a high security prison in 2001. His most recent prison break, through a custom-built, mile-long tunnel equipped with ventilation, lighting and a motorcycle built on rails, within an exit disguised by an unfinished home, is estimated to have cost Guzmán $50 million, when bribes to prison employees and government officials are included, said Pablo Escobar’s top hit man, Jhon Jairo Velasquez Vasquez. Money buys freedom especially in Mexico and El Chapo knows where to hide. Going after him is a good way to wind up dead. I hope they get him, but it is equally likely, he’ll get them. One way or the other, Dog’s wise to stay out of this one.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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