BOOM: Race Baiting, Cop Hating Beyonce Gets Some BAD News!

BOOM: Race Baiting, Cop Hating Beyonce Gets Some BAD News!

May 31st, Beyonce has a huge concert happening in Pittsburgh…but guess what? She’s going to have a HARD time trying to find security to help her. Looks like she better take up some kind of self-defense class… because look what the Philly police are doing…


From Western Journalism:

…many of the police who’ve been asked to work the concert have voiced opposition in being forced to do so. They have reportedly cited Beyonce’s latest album as being anti-police behind their reasoning.

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The problem has been a recurring one for the pop star ever since the release of her latest album Lemonade. And after her half-time show at this year’s Super Bowl — depicting her dancers being dressed in Black Panther Party attire with fists raised in the formation of an “X” in honor of Malcolm X — police departments have resisted providing services to the pop star.

While the superstar sensation denies being anti-police, critics say her actions speak otherwise. Robert Swartzwelder of the Fraternal Order of the Police Lodge No. 1 told Fox News, “There are police officers that have expressed that they do not want to support an artist that they don’t like what she has to say…It’s up to them what they want to do with their off-duty time.”

Beyonce’s tour is responsible for providing security at concerts. Typically, off-duty police officers will work private events for a contracted fee, but the tour may be having a difficult time finding officers willing to defend her freedom to criticize local law enforcement.

What does she expect? She disrespected our men and women in blue, and she has the audacity to even THINK the very people she is targeting for more hate are going to run to her side and protect her when she needs it? The woman has it twisted… You’re just human Beyonce…cut the crap.

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