Rock and Roll Legend Dies Suddenly – Fans Stunned

Rock and Roll Legend Dies Suddenly – Fans Stunned

I would imagine for a rockstar, if they were going to move on from this world into the next and could choose how they would do it…like a soldier’s honor to die for their country, I’m sure a rockstar would pick to go out rocking out on stage! That’s just my guess…that may not be the case. However, for this rock and roll legend… it was.


From The Political Insider:

This is tragic:

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Menza’s latest band OHM was three songs into a semi-regular set at a Los Angeles-area club Saturday night when the drummer collapsed, J. Marshall Craig told The Associated Press. Friends and audience members rendered aid while paramedics were called.

The 51-year-old died at the club of a suspected massive heart attack, Craig said.

Menza was Megadeth’s longest-serving drummer, performing on five records over nine years, including 1990’s thrash metal landmark, “Rust In Peace.”

Dave Mustaine, co-founder of Megadeth, said on Twitter that he awoke at 4 a.m. to the news.

“Tell me this isn’t true,” Mustaine wrote.

Marty Friedman, the band’s guitarist from 1990 to 2000, wrote on Facebook that Menza was “a great and unique drummer” and “a trustworthy friend, a hilarious bandmate, as well as a very loving dad.”

It seems that these rock n’ roll stars are reporting back home a lot more often than normal these days. Is there a way to switch them out for ISIS members? That would be great. RIP Menza!

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