Charlie Daniels: The Level of Political Hatred in Our Nation is Not Sustainable

Charlie Daniels: The Level of Political Hatred in Our Nation is Not Sustainable

Charlie Daniels, country legend and fiddle master, recently wrote a piece entitled ‘Charlie Daniels: The Current Atmosphere in This Nation Is Unsustainable’. He made some very valid points, points that could be used to unite a nation that is desperately in need of it.

“A lot is said about resistance these days. Resistance denotes something that goes beyond political discourse and disagreements. It denotes belligerence, intractability, unwillingness to compromise, a militant demeanor willing to go outside the lines of decency and lawfulness.”

“Resistance is what the French and other European countries practiced during Nazi occupation, a justifiable and noble posture to take, considering that their countries were occupied by an evil and overwhelming force that could only be bitten off in small clandestine chunks in whatever covert actions they were able to mount.”

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French actors are now being called loyal for their opposition to them and their willingness to paint over past mistakes of course, we’re only speaking semantics now and whether it’s called opposition or loyal opposition, it’s really not as much of a point as is the insults and hatred that fuels it.

“…When a prominent show business personality holds up a replica of the bloody severed head of a sitting president, or a major corporate sponsored Shakespeare company perverts a four-hundred-year-old play to plot and carry out the multiple stabbing of a sitting president, that is hate.”

Yes. The left and the media can’t have it both ways. If the roles had been reversed and it was a Democrat in the office of the President, they would move heaven and earth to make sure that the right would suffer for their comments. But of course, it wouldn’t be that way if it was the opposite…we all know this.

Daniels goes on to the point of his writing:

“…When you’re willing to suspend the nation’s business and indefinitely delay programs that are desperately needed for the welfare of the country just to keep a president from having a win, that’s hate.”

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