Teen Was Kicked out of Graduation for Only Pants He Could Afford. Then He Sees Stranger Outside… [VIDEO]

Teen Was Kicked out of Graduation for Only Pants He Could Afford. Then He Sees Stranger Outside… [VIDEO]

If someone ran up to you and asked you to give them your pants, would you? The odds are, you answered this question with a very firm “no” and perhaps even a look of puzzlement or disgust, but what if I told you that your pants were the difference between one student walking across the stage to receive his diploma, or going home before the graduation ceremony even started?

That’s exactly the predicament Leroy Solis Jr. found himself in when he simply couldn’t afford to meet the dress code for his high school’s graduation ceremony.

MacArthur High School’s graduation dress code stated that boys must wear slacks and a tie, or they may not be able to walk the stage to receive their diplomas. Well, Solis Jr. didn’t have slacks or a tie, and couldn’t ask his father, who is on a fixed income, if he would buy them. Instead, he planned to walk in jeans with no tie, hoping that his gown would be long enough to cover up the fact that he wasn’t wearing slacks.

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Unfortunately, someone saw that he wasn’t dressed according to code and he was asked to leave the ceremony. While he was walking back to his car, he noticed another young man who had a build similar to his and he was wearing slacks. Solis Jr. asked the young man if he could trade pants with him for the graduation and explained his situation. Amazingly, the man said yes and they hopped in the truck where they swapped. Then he rushed across the parking lot where there was someone selling $10 ties and with three minutes until the ceremony started, he ran into the auditorium.

Watch the video below:

Thanks to the kindness of this stranger, who received an extremely bizarre request, one young boy was able to graduate proudly. This should restore your faith in humanity.

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