Christian Actress Patricia Heaton Destroys Atheist Twitter Troll

Christian Actress Patricia Heaton Destroys Atheist Twitter Troll

Actress Patricia Heaton isn’t one to take any crap from bullies and trolls online who try to insult her for being Christian. She is already involved in an industry that doesn’t exactly reward you for being anything less than an atheist progressive, so the last thing she needs is some loser online conducting a one-man lynch mob against her religious beliefs.

Oh and when I say “doesn’t take any crap,” I mean she hits back. She’s not crude or cruel, but she lets them know who is in charge and it’s not some pizza-faced dufus in his mother’s basement who rages against religion because God didn’t give him that bag of Cheetos he prayed for one night.

Heaton decided to post a smidge of Christianity to the Internet last Saturday, which is something that millions of people around the world do every day because they are proud of their faith.

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Twitter user Peter Marsh “@sandhillpete” thought his snarky response would get him lots of pats on the back from fellow interwebz atheists…

… but Heaton wasn’t about to let him think he had won by asking a stupid question.

It’s clear that the man knows as much about Christianity and their beliefs as I know about the inner workings of vehicles. (For those wondering, I always take my truck to get serviced. I am smart enough to know what I don’t know.)

But she wasn’t the only one who wanted to give the guy a piece of her mind. Several of her Christian fans and followers also offered their view on the matter.

Pro-tip: If you’re going to discuss the nuances of a religion with someone of that religion, you might want to do yourself a favor and spend the better part of the next few years studying up on it.

It’s also fine to admit that you don’t know everything about everything. I get that on the Internet it’s difficult and almost embarrassing to be humble, but it won’t kill you. How about instead of making some smart remark next time someone quotes a Bible verse, you take the time to read it and contemplate its meanings and what it could mean in your life? This doesn’t mean that you suddenly turn into a Christian and start singing in the local church choir, it simply means you begin to understand something that you would generally turn your nose up at.

How about instead of spending so much time acting like a pompous jerk on the Internet, you go to your local church and sit in? Maybe try to see what all the fuss is about and see if they can’t answer your questions about their religion?

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