Crude Chelsea Handler Says: ‘Maybe We Trade’ Trump for Kim Jong-Un

Crude Chelsea Handler Says: ‘Maybe We Trade’ Trump for Kim Jong-Un

I get that it’s cool to be edgy and hate the President on television. Your fellow liberal buddies will pat you on the back and tell you that you’re doing a good thing and you’ll all drink champagne and laugh together and you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside because you’re included.

It pays to be a rich, white celebrity doesn’t it? Especially one who complains about other rich white people in an attempt to pander to their viewers who are addicted to being told that they’re not to blame for their crummy situation, it’s some guy on Wall Street! Or in this case, it’s the guy in the White House!

Chelsea Handler is the Queen of liberal hypocrisy and she’s back at it again with another stupid comment that will actively kill your brain cells.

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She’s supposed to be a comedienne, but I have never actually found her to be funny. Chelsea Handler posted on Twitter that perhaps we should trade President Donald Trump for North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un because she believes that Lil Kim’s letter to Trump was “a little bit more sane” than our own President.

No, I’m not kidding.

The diminutive dictator wrote a letter to Trump, calling him a “gangster fond of playing with fire” and that calling him “Rocket Man” in a speech to the UN was “mentally deranged behavior.” Apparently something about this letter sent a tingle up Handler’s leg and gave her butterflies. Yes, because what we need in the United States is a pudgy bully who wants nothing more than to kill us all. Why don’t we just cut out the middle man and do it ourselves, Jonestown-style?

She has attempted to make several “jokes” regarding Trump and Kim Jong-Un that are spectacularly unfunny.

Now listen, I get that it’s fun to make jokes at the expense of a politician. I do it all the time. However, when you get into the dangerous territory of fantasizing about trading the President of America for an actual dictator who kills his own people, you’re treading traitorous waters.

Chelsea, I cordially invite you to take a trip to North Korea. And not one of those fuzzy feel-good tours that hey give to people so they don’t know how horrible life is up there. Go see the people, see how the army is stealing their food because they aren’t given enough to eat by the government and need to prepare for war. Then tell me that you’d be okay with flippantly joking about trading our lawfully elected President for a dictator who is cruel and heartless.

My treat.

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