Comedian Actor Kevin Hart Rejects Anti-Trump Political Stances: My Job Is To Make People Laugh [VIDEO]

Comedian Actor Kevin Hart Rejects Anti-Trump Political Stances: My Job Is To Make People Laugh [VIDEO]

Well, at least there are some celebrities out there with a little bit of common sense. Comedian Kevin Hart says he doesn’t see any value at all in trashing President Trump. Good for him. He’s more into doing his job… being positive and making people laugh. He doesn’t want to divide people. He wants to make them have a good time and not get ticked off. Sounds good to me.

If you go for the cheap laughs in politics, you are bound to make half your audience mad at you. It’s foolish. There are plenty of things to laugh about that don’t go into the political realm. Life is full of things worth making fun of. From Hart: “I want to take your mind off of whatever may be going on in your life that could be wrong and give you a reason to say, you know what? It’s going to be OK. That’s being the positive, motivating, inspiring person that I am, that I always will be,” Hart says. “Everybody’s not going to see things the way I want to see them. And they shouldn’t,” Kevin stated. “That’s what makes us individuals. In that particular realm, I keep my opinions to myself. And like I said, if I don’t have anything nice to say, I shouldn’t say it at all. I’m not in the business of trashing people.”

From Breitbart:

Comedy superstar Kevin Hart is opening up about why he doesn’t see the value of trashing President Donald Trump.

“The way that I see it, my job as a comedian is to spread positivity. To make people laugh,” the highest-grossing comedian on the planet said in an interview with the Daily Beast. “And I don’t want to draw attention to what’s already pissing us as a people off.”

It’s a sentiment the What Now star first explained earlier this month in an interview with Variety, in which he said avoiding politically-charged comedy keeps him from “alienating” a portion of his audience.

“When you jump into that political realm you’re alienating some of your audience,” Hart said in May.

Now, the comedy mogul says he’d rather be “a bright spot” for people, instead of a political lightning rod.

Kevin Hart just outdid Jerry Seinfeld in stand up comedy. In 2016, he brought in a whopping $87.5 million. Not bad… not too bad at all and he does it by playing it smart. Hart’s films, including 2016’s Central Intelligence and the Ride Along franchise, have grossed nearly $1.5 billion domestically. The 37 year-old actor reportedly makes $10 million per film. Wow… he’s not just a comedian and an actor, this guy is a serious businessman. “He is not an individual, he is an organization. He is a force of nature,” Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer says of Hart.

Hart will also star in a remake of Jumanji in December and the Great Outdoors. He just wants to be funny, entertain people and make them smile. He sounds like a great guy to me. “I want them to say, oh my god, the opportunities are large at Laugh Out Loud, because of what Kevin Hart is trying to do,” Hart says. “He is a comedian’s comedian. And being that he is, he’s looking out for us and doing something in a way that nobody else has.” And he is very, very good at what he does… even without politics.

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